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“Selling Catalytic Converters by Categories is the Past, Codes are the Present & Recycling is the Future!”

It’s time to learn how to extract more money out of your Catalytic Converter business.

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What is a Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic Converters are collected by Dismantlers, wrecking yards, muffler shops and other collectors usually when they have reach what is known “End of Life” or the end of their usefulness. Some come from newer cars that have been in an accident. These tend to end up at a dismantler or salvage yard. then they are sold off just like many other parts of the vehicle.

They are bought and sold just like a commodity.

The Big question is, “Once I have them, How do I get the most for them?”

That’s were we come in.

The three reasons to Buy & Sell Scrap Catalytic Converters

Or should we say, “Your three Best friends”

Selling by the Unit

Selling or Buying by the unit usually involves using something called a “Category Price List”. Many people have made and lost plenty of money using this list. You may want to use it, you may not. Why? Let’s talk about it.

Selling by the Code

Buying and Selling by the “Code” is a much more accurate way to determine the true value of the converter. Many Buyers do not like it for two reasons, (1) Many would prefer to stay with the old “Category price list” and continue to play the pricing “Shell game” with sellers, and (2) They don’t have access to “Code” prices, so they cannot compete very well without know ing the true value. Well, we have the “Codes”. Let’s talk about it more.

Recycling your Converters

To make a long story short, Recycling can bring the most profit for your Converters. The problem is most people just don’t understand how to go about it. We do. Let’s work together.

Let's compare which process is the most profitable

To clearly understand some things, we just need to see it for ourselves. Ok, let’s compare the three options of cashing in big on your converters. Knowing actual current values of converters in todays market and then seeing how to sell it and were to sell it can really make a difference to your bottom line. Let’s check it out.

Know the Code, Know the price.

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What our customers are saying.

We work with APB & Associates. It has been a very good experience and excellent Business Relationship that gives us the opportunity to be more competitive both in price and knowledge of the converter business. Also, their payment terms are very flexible and it helps us a lot in order to buy the units.  Another point that we are very happy about working with APB is, that they have many locations to deliver the material so you don’t have to pay too much in freight.
All the people that I have had the opportunity to talk and work with at APB & Associates, have been very friendly and professional.  So, that is the kind of company that you want to do business with for a long time.
Mr. B

We though we were selling the right way before. Now we are making more in less time and without the hassle of “knowing all the categories” .  We used to have to be all up to date on the different categories to make sure that the many buyers that would come through would be paying the correct price. APB change all that for us. Now, we just put the Catalytic Converters we remove from the cars, count them and put them in a big box. APB picks them up and we get paid on the recycling. It frees up my people to do others tasks. So, we make better use of our time and we get paid a very good rate of return. We trust APB and they haven’t proven that wrong.

Thank you.

Mr. P

The knowledge that Scrap Catalytic Converter .com and APB & Associates helped us with has made our business grow. You can tell that they have been around for a long time because it shows in their depth of information. We like that they share information that allows us to make more money. For instance, they told us the difference of Torpedos and Bread loafs and Flows. Wow! What a difference some knowledge makes! Also, you don’t run across a lot of honest people in this business, but, These guys are something different! We will definitely work with them for a long, long time.

Mr. A

What we say…”Thank you and It’s our pleasure to assist you.”

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